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into the city. cruising at the san mateo bridge weston ease down the drive is 13 minutes into in no stalling whatsoever at the golden gate bridge. i have been checking with the chp in their no incidents to look for too. >> are right erika thank you backed headlines this morning five people were in a five alarm fought fire-- firefighters had the blaze under control in about an hour no injuries were reported. also the san jose police are investigating a double shooting their receiving multiple reports of gunshots in the way of pedro. later two men with non-life threatening to walk into a local hospital the incident is believed to be gang-related no suspects have been arrested at this point. >> and shooting at dozens of bullets flying at the 5800 block of 18th street, a pregnant woman was sitting in her car at that time of the shooting she was wounded by flying glass. the bullets to a wall and ride to the glass of a window of a home with a family inside. >> we were just sitting on the couch and all of a sudden we heard all the shooting. you could hear pinging and pinging and pinging. so me and
into the city. all of the san mateo bridge, no delays. towards the nimitz. and the toll plaza showing the bridge spans the tail lights are from foster city. no incidences to report. from the 192 interchange. the golden gate, also no problems of the visibility and not even any cars and our vision. and as we take a look at our traffic maps westbound 24 slow. cellphones 680 is also a problem-free. southbound-680 is also a problem-free. however, this a real westbound 580 through the old, and pass it is also smooth sailing. you are cruising approaching the interchange. >> and amtrak train carrying 169 oneself derailed after this big rig and train collided. it finally stopped after about troubling 6 ft.. mild/moderate injuries were sustained by passengers with even some having a broken bones. the truck driver also had minor injuries believe it or not. that trial continues today for the woman accused of killing the bay area nursing student. prosecutors say that esteban stock michelle s talked...michelle lei.. her body was found in alameda county haazig madyun was in court yesterday. jealousy that turne
because of the higher volume of traffic into the city as we continue to the 6:00 hour. the san mateo bridge is a good alternate for you if your coming from the nimitz freeway. head up the loot was no one if you're trying ahead and to san francisco. they're taking 20 minutes to get between hayward and the foster city side the bridge. no problems of the north bay towards the golden gate bridge. it is still a smooth ride to downtown san francisco. the east shore freeway is trouble-free all playdown to the oakland a's. just remember you have all that traffic waiting for yet at the toll plaza. walnut creek looks good no problems there and telling towards 580 this is the slowest commute for now. it is jammed up from 2 05 margin on to west land at to the all to my id is going to be a slow commute is stop and go. less than 50 m.p.h. as we have to the 680. it should be trouble-free as you head into the northbound traffic. if you're heading to the airport this morning you will see no problems on 11 or highway 280 as you work your way through san francisco and down to the south bay. >> make sur
14 minutes to foster city to 880 in through 181. it is faulty at the golden gate bridge. it was a lot of space between cars in traffic moving out the limits. we are back not backed up just yet coming off on the altamonte pass. no problems whatsoever in terms of accidents with those of you coming out of novato. >> and erica coming up with the kron for morning news not everything is peachy at apple. and we're talking about apples new application concerning maps will tell you all about that we come back from the break. >> apple has heard a large amount of backlash regarding bugs in apple maps. there is a lack of public transit direction to summon directions are nicely guiding people in the wrong direction. our reporter tells us why apple has dropped the apple map. >> this is according solve things the attack clock which is pretty accurate. this map debacle started with turn by turn navigation. google maps on in android devices give you boys died commence when navigating directions. google mapped out with the vices of the ways been missing that feature. neither apple nor google have confi
with a live 12 minutes. hayward towards foster city and the golden gate bridge with no delays or problems for the southbound 1 0 1. already, heavy traffic in the north bay. it could be a bit typical for a friday. looking at the commute. the drive times. look at that. 14 minutes-16 minutes from hercules towards berkeley. and a 680 looking decent. and the ride to the south- bay is still a problem-free. still, slow on 101 northbound. the drive times to 20 minutes. to the montague expressway and still, no delays on the 101 south bound. that is easy. and caltran looking problem- free. >> it could be trouble on your way home from san francisco because of critical mass. this is the 20th anniversary. they are saying that this could be 5000-10,000. and it could be 10 times the normal turn out. this massive amount of bicycles. they are going to start off on the class a we do know that. and that is all we know because as you know. they are just following the pack. this could really beat a stalled commute for many people. the police are looking for people that there have been certain riots with confr
and is being celebrated with the san francisco twist in the center of the city. barbeques and berbers and dogs cold beers are guzzled while kids slide down the slide in the playground. >> days like this are reasons why people-that's this is a beautiful day >> godsowe are drinking and mingling with our other friends here at the park. >> across the street in line for ice cream at the buy right creamery wraps around the block. >> out of his work a 35 minute wait. >> kids use the drinking fountain to cool off while big kids calling themselves the squirt gun mafia have a water balloon and water gun war on the grass. >> it's a great day to get soaked. >> but while the top for san franciscans some ladies are drinking pink champagne in the shade. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> it looks like today will be a another triple digit whether day for people out in the east. the third in the row so far. >> the cost in use public transportation for ryder by we are asking that you--this year has seen more spare their days than last year and it will be pretty tough the this afternoon once again. >> from the mornin
comfortable right now. you can see how clear it is in the city right now, no fog to speak up. if you get a chance come out and enjoy it. they're people running, walking their dogs. if you're going to do it now is the time before the heat starts to set in. it is going to be much hotter and land in the bay area, if you get a chance this is a great place to start your morning. >> he said the same thing yesterday do the work out early. it was so sunny and hot yesterday. >> almost a carbon copy for today. here's a live look for more rubicam. blue skies once the sun comes out. clear skies this morning, warm pretty quickly '60s right now we're well on the way this seeing '70s. sonny still hot this afternoon temperatures in the '80s and '90s for most of the bay area. we will hit the century mark for some locations in the east. it will take a little while to start to cool things off. the danville is 1 01 livermore 100 fairfield the same thing. walnut creek you're gonna be about 9899 degrees. we could hit the center march south of sound san jose. by noon time widespread '80s. look for another scor
this morning. be aware of that however, traffic is moving pretty well out foster city. some fogging cloud cover. no incidents to report we are seeing top speeds >> back to some other headlines we are learning more details about a man shot by police in san francisco which led to a series of protests and often in the vandalism. prepaying on the district police station broken windows and more spray paint on local businesses this past thursday night is when we saw that happen. the city's gang task force shot a member who was suspected of being a gang member he is identified as oscar bar scene this. dracaenas was hit twice by an officer and he is in the hospital with non threatening injuries. >> this guy was in prison for attempting to exact the shooting on another gang member a 15 year-old boy. and in some 15 year-old boy was caught in the crossfire. police officers put their cells in harm's way so no one else will get hurt. i wish for one moment they would show as much concern as when innocent people are concerned as when the police officers are doing their job. >> we don't want san francisco to b
the door for daly city. warmer spots are only in the upper 50s. as we had been closer to lunch time it will be about 66 through the coastal line. that '80s to become more widespread on the 3:00 p.m. hour. it looks like we will pick up about low eighties for some of the south bay locations. 78 in santa clara. antioch's 78 degrees. 78 degrees in castro valley. no. bay and napa about 73 degrees. if you are headed to ocean beach it will be pretty cloud cover. it looks like it will be a many heat wave starting on thursday. if you are headed to the giants game tonight the first pitch will be about 7:15 p.m.. >> thursday bulls star to warm things up all around the '90s. saturday is expected to be the warmest day of the week a lot of people have saturdays off. if you are headed to ocean beach it will be warm temperatures as we start the next work week. >> in what are lookingwe are lon accident that is on the freeway at interstate 580. an accident is blocking maybe two lanes of traffic. it is not blocking too much of the 580 traffic but most of highway 4. highway 13 just outside of the tunne
attention to the south bay where city leaders in san jose is back up battling the growing problem of prostitution. some of the girls involved are in their teens. community leaders are planning a march and a rally. >> cars that pullover and yet how much are you or how much can i buy you four. >> across from the slickest of public life. prairie were hundreds of visitors walk through the doors every day. in elementary school with kids frequently crossing the intersection. a prominent part of san jose for prostitution says community leaders. >> some of the women are actually a look under 18 as young as 16 unfortunately. >> omar taurus is the center director for the center of urban ministry. he will march and rally on thursday night against the problem. >> i have come out of meetings and have been asked to be a client. it's kind of upsetting the know. >> city councilman sam look car is well aware of the growing problem and with the police force being downsized the city is exploring other solutions. >> we know that they are probably prioritizing violent crime so we are trying to use all
to the golden gate bridge. >> 6:52 a.m.. a san mateo supervisor has approved a parking ban on the city streets. all recreational vehicles cannot park between midnight and 6:00 a.m. on the street near the beach or near the golden park. this ordinance is in response to residents who complained that super sized vehicles were in their neighborhood. the time is now 6:52 a.m. and will be back with more. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is ending soon. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. but hurry, the inventory clearance sale is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train to a better night's sleep ♪ we're back >> welcome back. the transportation committee has stated that the empty seat thera lot of tickets that are not being used. on the coursthe empt now let's take a look at the bay area forecast. we're in for a big warmup. this is set to hit on saturday. we wi
san francisco police on a sanford's discuss city more details and a minute. >> one of the worst calls in nfl history 3 referees' returning. >> sam details elementary school is promising tightest security in the wake of an attempted kidnapping. >> take a look at current conditions. where'd marine layer currently thick and dense. you can barely make out the tops of buildings in downtown san francisco. as we head into the afternoon sun the skies will prevail and it will b
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12